Air Resistance is a Type Of

Air Resistance is a Type OfSliding friction occurs whenever a solid moves over other solid and rolling friction takes place when a circular surface moves on the solid. Static friction takes place when a solid touches another solid however there is no movement.

What two factors affect air resistance?

Size and shape are the 2 factors that affect air resistance. Air resistance functions with surface area, so the greater surface area, the more air resistance. Consider when you drop 2 pieces of paper: one flat and one crumpled. The crumpled one falls quicker because there is less air resistance performing on the paper. 

Force of Air Resistance

A force is a pull or a push performing upon an object. When we speak about different types of physical forces we will use the term exert. Exert signifies put to use or exercise. (For example, all objects exert gravitational forces.)

Air resistance force is actually the force of air pushing against a moving object. Air resistance force is a kind of frictional force. Like every frictional forces, the force of air resistance usually opposes the motion of an item. Usually, the air resistance force is not too strong. When you walk, for instance, you are impacted by air resistance force, however it does not really slow you down. If you start running, the air resistance force can be more noticeable.

All forces exist as due to the interaction between objects. These interactions take place on a macroscopic level among objects that could be seen with the human eye as well as on a microscopic level, among elementary particles of matter. 

Air Resistance Depends On

Air resistance is not directly linked to mass, however, air resistance depends on velocity and terminal velocity depends upon mass. So, because one ball is weightier, it has a higher terminal velocity. Because it has a larger terminal velocity, it encounters a greater drag force.

In what direction does air resistance act on an object that is falling straight down?

Up. Air resistance pushes up while gravity pushes down. This is true with regard to objects falling directly down. If the object was falling right or left, then air resistance could be opposite. If both air resistance and gravity drawn down, then air resistance would not be air resistance. Air resistance is the opposite of gravity for an item falling down. It pushes up while gravity pushes down.

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