Compound that Forms Hydrogen Ions in Solution

Compound that Forms Hydrogen Ions in SolutionThe most well-known reaction, which takes place with hydrogen ions from an acid is the development of water.

Compound That Forms Hydroxide Ions in Solution

A compound that forms hydroxide ions in solution is actually a base including salt. Other reactions that create similar results contain the reaction of water soluble basic oxides with water or the self ionization of water.

Any arrhenius base will create the OH- ion. Ammonia is a standard example. Example- NH3(g) + H2O(l) -> NH4+(aq) + OH-(aq) Other examples contain: sodium hydroxide: NaOH(s)->Na+(aq)+OH-(aq) natural dissociation of water: H2O -> OH-+ H3O+. 

Concentration of Hydrogen Ions

Acid dissociation constants are employed to determine the hydrogen ion concentration in the solution of an acid. 

A. Hydrogen Ion Concentration in Solutions of Powerful Acids

Powerful acids with one ionizable hydrogen are totally ionized in aqueous solution; as a result, the hydrogen ion concentration of these solutions is equivalent to the molar concentration of the acid.

B. Hydrogen Ion Concentration in Solutions of Weak Acids

The hydrogen ion concentration of an aqueous solution of any weak acid depends upon the value of its acid dissociation constant and is always lower than the concentration of the weak acid. The hydrogen ion concentration could be calculated utilizing the value of Ka and the molar concentration of the weak acid. 

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