Facts about Alloys

Facts about AlloysAlloys are often solid, good conductors of heat and electricity, shiny when clean, strong and malleable.

Gold is shiny and does not corrode, this means it is a good metal for making jewelry.

The chemical symbol employed for silver is Ag, this originates from the Latin term for argentum, silver.

While aluminum is the most frequent metal present in the Earth's crust, the most common metal available on Earth is iron, mostly because it comprises such a large part of the Earth's core.

Copper is a good conductor of electricity and is frequently used for making wires.

At room temperature, mercury is the sole alloys that is in liquid form.

Aluminum is a good conductor of heat and is frequently used to make cooking pots.

List of Alloys

This is a list of alloys that are arranged alphabetically by base metal. Within these headings, the alloys are also arranged alphabetically. Some of the primary alloying elements are optionally listed following the alloy names.

1. Alloys of aluminium

2. Alloys of bismuth

3. Alloys of chromium

4. Alloys of cobalt

5. Alloys of copper

6. Alloys of gallium

7. Alloys of gold

8. Alloys of indium

9. Alloys of iron

10. Alloys of lead

11. Alloys of magnesium

12. Alloys of mercury

13. Alloys of nickel

14. Alloys of potassium

15. Alloys of plutonium

16. Rare earth alloys

17. Alloys of rhodium

18. Alloys of scandium

19. Alloys of silver

20. Alloys of sodium

21. Alloys of titanium

22. Alloys of tin

23. Alloys of uranium

24. Alloys of zinc

25. Alloys of zirconium

List of Metal Alloys

An alloy is a combination of several metals or one metal and something that is not a metal. They are combined together so well you cannot say that the alloy is not a genuine metal. Alloys generally have very various properties to the elements that went into making the alloys. Alloys in many cases are much, much stronger than their individual elements. Many machines and tools are produced from alloys because they have to be strong.

The list of alloy metals is separated by the base metal. Several alloys of aluminum are Al-Li, which is a mixture of lithium and aluminum. Another is alnico, which is nickel, aluminum and cobalt. Alloys of bismuth are wood's metal, which is tim, lead and cadmium. Another is rose metal, which is tin and lead. Cobalt alloys are beryllium copper, arsenical copper and billion, which is silver. Alloys of gold are electrum, which is copper and silver and tumbaga, which is copper.

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