Facts about Alternative Energy

Facts about Alternative EnergyIt no more revolves around the usage of nuclear energy to produce electricity but also contains the usage of alternative products such as ethanol in vehicles.

Today it has become crucial to know about alternative energy how it operates and its various forms, in order that one can remain on the top of the environmental legislations and the presidential campaign policies and the way it affects our family and house. This kind of energy is created from the sources which are neither dangerous to the environment nor deplete the natural resources of our planet. So, this sort of energy excludes everything for example petrol and coal that pollutes and causes harm to the environment.


More than half of the renewable energy we use comes from biomass.

About 16% of our total energy comes from a renewable source.

A wind turbine is so powerful that just one can provide electricity for up to 300 homes at the same time.

A wind turbine converts wind into electricity and the largest one is 20 stories tall.

Water is the most commonly used source of renewable energy.

The use of renewable energy is not a new technique and some forms have been used for over 2,000 years.

Types of Alternative Energy

Renewable energy is a kind of alternative energy, which utilizes natural resources such as wind, tides, sunlight and geo-thermal temperature that is naturally reloaded by nature and can never come to a finish. About thirteen% of energy arises from renewable sources of energy. When nations started considering alternative sources of energy, they could never have recognized that there can be such a big number to pull from. Some of the latest types contain:

Tidal energy: It also functions upon the identical model as dams.

Hydro Power: This energy is created through flow of water in dams.

Fuel cells: These are often associated to hybrid cars or electric cars. Electro-chemical devices are employed to produce energy via chemical reaction without producing any dangerous pollutants.

Wave energy: This is very much just like hydro energy and tidal energy.

Wind power: This energy is obtained by changing wind energy into kinetic energy to produce electricity. Sites such as open farmlands that have lots of wind are superb for wind turbines and other locations in which power lines cannot reach.

Solar power: It is made from transferring sunlight into electrical power by the usage of silicon.

Examples of Alternative Energy

Fuel has a broad arrange of application in our everyday lives, that is why oil products are really demanded all over the globe. So, a huge increase on its cost is a large burden to every nation's economy and its citizens. Because of this, the worldwide market emphasizes the urgency to evaluate all alternative energy available. The need for these services is growing constantly as the universal economy fights the global downturn that has took place last few years. Predominantly, the call for any productive use of energy, especially renewable and clean energy, gets louder as time goes on.

Here are the examples of top alternative energy resources that are used around the globe:

1. Wind energy: the generation of electrical energy from the wind

2. Solar energy: the generation of electricity from the sun

3. Hydroelectric energy and ocean energy: energies sourced from water

4. Biomass electricity: plant-derived energy source that substitutes gasoline for powering vehicles

5. Geothermal energy: the utilization of steam from the groundís core to heat up buildings or for general electricity production

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