Facts about Muscular System

Facts about Muscular SystemIt requires 17 facial muscles to smile while 42 facial muscles are utilized up when you frown.

About forty% of your body weight is accounted for by muscles.

The gluteus maximus muscle, positioned in the buttocks, is the biggest muscle in the body.

You can find muscle cells in the longest body muscle which are greater than a foot in length.

Contrary to what people assume, muscles do not push, however can only pull.

Masseters or chewing muscles are the most powerful muscles in the body.

Muscles in the center of the ear are the tiniest muscles present in the human body.

Muscular System Facts for Kids

Starorious is the longest muscle in the human body.

Your eyes move due to the presence of a muscle in there.

As the body gets cold, heat is generated due to shivering which causes rapid muscle contractions.

Most of the muscles in the human body are attached to bones.

One of the important facts of the muscular system is that they can tear in a similar manner like you tear your ligaments or break your bones and over a period of time with minimal help, mend by themselves.

Muscles have around 640 individual names and need food and oxygen to perform properly.

Whenever you get goose bumps, it is because of tiny muscles present in the bottom of your hair.

Diseases of the Muscular System

Myasthenia gravis (MG) is a disorder where the body's own defense, the immune system, attacks your body. In MG, the intersection between nerve and muscle is the target, leading to a blockade of signals that would otherwise order the muscle to go into action. The outcome is debilitating fatigue to the point in which the affected person is totally incapacitated.

Cause: MG is what is known as an autoimmune disorder. Sometimes, the origin is genetic.

Symptoms: The onset of myasthenia gravis could be sudden and symptoms may differ in severity. Muscle weakness is the major symptom, especially following activity, as well as drooping eyelids, fatigue, shortness of breath and trouble swallowing.

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