Facts about the Environment

Facts about the EnvironmentItís difficult to make others live green when they cannot see the negative impact they have, because the outcomes of that are not simple visible. Nevertheless, here are some interesting Environmental Facts that you can tell them and make them consider green issues, however some of them will make you more optimistic, however.

Population Growth:

In that short period the industrial revolution has additionally caused a fantastic development of population. In last fifty years it has grown greater than the previous four million years. The number of one billion had been reached in nineteenth century, while today you can find almost seven billion humans on Earth.

The Wall Street Bailout:

The Wall Street bailout arrived at over $700 billion and still develops. Only four% of that could finish the world hunger.

Pharmacy Purchases:

The following of the most interesting Environmental Facts is linked to the pills and other drugs in pharmacy shops which have been created from several exotic plants. One in every four buys comes from the rainforests.

Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment

A frontier in Ecology and the Environment is actually a peer-reviewed scientific journal. It is the official journal from the Ecological Society of America and is released ten times each year. Its concentrate is on current day concerns pertaining to environmental and ecological issues.

Aims and scope

Interdisciplinary coverage contains all timely subjects pertaining to ecology, the environment and connected subjects. The journal publishes articles about cross disciplinary research, global issues, current techniques, multi-country collaborations, the newest technology, new perspectives to deal with old problems and applications for that science of ecology. Publishing formats tend to be short communications, review articles, current issues debates, current news, a column and legal issues.

How to Help the Environment

The planet is changing. We have to help it modify for the better. You can find a lot of stuff that affect the planet in a negative way however the good news is that everybody can help to decrease them and do their bit for your environment. Here is a summary of important matters and with them a summary of big methods that you can help. So read on and start guarding the environment today.


Electricity (Energy)



Rainforests (deforestation)



Pollution is caused whenever poisonous or harmful materials are released or found inside the rivers, air, animals, seas, plants or even our bodies. Now, we reside on a powerful planet with robust plants and hardy humans and animals - however there is only a lot we can take. 


Energy is everywhere. We make use of energy to move the mouse for a PC, to jump and shout and run and walk. It requires energy to power a bulb and the light that the bulb emits is also a kind of energy known as radiant energy. Radiant energy through the sun permits plants, vegetables, trees and us to grow and live. 


Turn on the tap and there it is. Obtaining water is very easy that you would be mistaken for considering that there was an limitless supply. But the world features a water shortage. 70% of the planet is covered in water we should call our earth Ďoceaní not Ďearth. 


We cannot live without it. With greater than 7 billion individuals on planet the demand for food has never been larger. In the UK alone we invest about £182 billion pounds per year keeping fed and watered. Thatís plenty of food. 

Rainforests (Deforestation):

Rainforests are useful habitats. About 50 % of all the species of plants and animals on the planet live in rainforests and 1000s of rainforest plants include substances that could be used in drugs. The tribal people of the jungles have great understanding of them.


Letís begin with a fact.  Annually the UK generates 280 million tonnes of waste - thatís about the identical as 700,000 fully filled airliners. We throw away undesired food, plastic bottles, glass bottles, wrappers, cans, cardboard and paper.

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