Facts about Water Energy

Facts about Water EnergyWater energy is the sole renewable energy source which is in some measure competitive with fossil fuels.

Water energy is the force of energy of moving water.

Water energy is clean renewable energy supply that does not pollute environment.

Water energy makes use of the Earth's water cycle to build electricity because movement of water as it runs downstream generates kinetic energy that can be then changed into electricity.

Water energy does not pollute the atmosphere but construction and work of the dams can impact natural water systems and also impact wildlife and fish population.

Water energy creates in the USA about 9 percent of total energy supply.

Water energy air emissions are negligible because you can find no fuels burned.

Water energy needs the usage of dams which can modify river ecosystems.

Water energy use has to be carefully balanced with preservation of ecosystems that are changed by modifications of water flow.

Water energy cannot be used in most areas because it needs quick flowing water throughout whole year.

Water energy is very successful energy source because some turbines can achieve performance of ninety five % and more.

Water Energy Source

Water energy resources contain hydroelectric power from rivers and lakes, ocean energy in its numerous forms and energy technologies that take benefit of saline water.

Hydroelectric Power

Hydropower utilizes the kinetic energy water gains when it drops in elevation. Generally, water dammed in a lake or reservoir is released via generators and turbines to generate electricity, Hydropower has been a staple of electricity since the start of the electrical age. However, very little of this potential is presently slated for development. Significant legal and regulatory impediments, for example environmental protection and land acquisition, will be part of any major hydro project.

Ocean Energy

Three distinct kinds of ocean resource are generally mentioned as possible energy sources: waves, tides and ocean heat differentials (ocean thermal energy conversion or OTEC). For instance, tidal energy schemes capture water at high tide and launch it at low tide.

Saline Water

Saline and brackish water is typical; normally it poses a problem for freshwater supplies. Several technologies, however, can take benefit of saline water for energy creation. These include algae production and solar ponds. Solar ponds utilize the salt water in such a way that heat from sunlight is successfully locked in the pool and can be employed for several process heat applications or electricity production.  

Facts about Water Pollution

Water is the finest gift of nature. People have exploited this natural source to a level in which controlling water pollution is not possible. Here are some essential reasons why water is regarded as a precious natural resource. The misuse of this can cause harming consequences and a threat to individual life.

Below are some Facts on Water Pollution:

Fact 1: Greater than 1 billion people throughout the world donít have access to safe drinking water.

Fact 2: Pollution is one of the greatest killers, affecting greater than 100 million globally.

Fact 3: The garbage dumped in the ocean annually is roughly around 14 billion pounds. Plastic is the main constituent.

Fact 4: 5000 people pass away every day due to drinking unclean water.

Fact 5: Those who live in high-density air pollution area, have twenty% higher risk of dying through lung cancer, than people living in less polluted areas.

Fact 6: Pollution kills greater than 1 million seabirds and 100 million animals every year.

Fact 7: Around 46% of the lakes in America are really polluted and hence dangerous for swimming, fishing and aquatic life.  

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