Fun Facts about Jaguars

Fun Facts about JaguarsJaguars are big cats: they can weigh 200-250 pounds and reach 5-7 feet in length.

Name jaguar comes from Indian term "yaguar" meaning: "he who kills in a single leap".

A few jaguars are melanistic, meaning that they are almost completely black. Only from the near distance, characteristic spots could be noticed.

They can consume 85 different types of animals. Fish, caimans, capybaras, peccaries, tapirs are often on the jaguar's menu.

Jaguars are ambush predators that destroy their victims using the component of surprise. They will pierce the skull of an animal and destroy it with a single bite.

Jaguars are nocturnal (hunt at night) and solitary animals (live on their own).

Even though jaguars eat meat almost exclusively, they can eat avocado sometimes.

Facts about Jaguars for Kids

As opposed to most cats, jaguars like to spend time in water and they are outstanding swimmers.

Anaconda is the only natural enemy of jaguar. Worst opponents of jaguars are humans.

Size of their territory depends upon the availability of food. When food is abundantly present they hunt in smaller radius. Jaguars which live in areas in which food is scarce need to walk long distances to locate food.

They climb the trees effortlessly and mark their territory through scratching the bark.

Cubs are blind at birth and they rely on their mother in the first couple of months of their life totally. With three months they start eating meat and with 2 years they become totally independent from their mothers.

When female is prepared to become a mother, she roars to inform the male that she is all set for the mating. Pregnancy lasts 92-113 days and generally 2-3 cubs are born.

Jaguars live 12-15 years in the wild and approximately 25 years in captivity.

Where Do Jaguars Live

The jaguar is the biggest cat present in the Americas and the 3rd biggest of the cat family (tigers and lions are bigger). It is also one of the four cats which roar. Its roar sounds like a number of hoarse coughs. Jaquars live in wet lowland areas, swampy grasslands close to lakes or rivers.

They are located in both South and North America. In the United states they are located in Arizona's Cerro Colorado Mountains, in Texas, in New Mexico and in the southern part of California. In Central and South America, jaguars are located in rainforests, most specifically the Amazon rainforests.

Jaguars are often puzzled with leopards, however the jaguar is a bigger, more solid animal having a broad head and shorter legs and tail.

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