Fun Facts about Magnesium

Fun Facts about Magnesium2. At the center of every chlorophyll molecule, in every green plant, there is a magnesium ion.

3. If you try to put out a magnesium fire with carbon dioxide, youíll also find yourself out of luck: magnesium burns in both pure nitrogen and pure carbon dioxide, and a carbon dioxide fire-extinguisher will feed a magnesium fire.

4. Magnesium fires must be treated with caution. Adding water to them produces hydrogen, which makes the fire burn even more fiercely.

5. Mag wheels were once made of a magnesium alloy: magnesium is both light and strong. Mag wheels no longer include magnesium; the wheels did not last well and potentially were a fire hazard. Despite the absence of magnesium, the wheels have kept their original name.

Chemical Properties of Magnesium

Magnesium is found among the alkaline earth metals on the periodic table. This element belongs to the period 3 and group 2 of the periodic table and with the atomic number 12. The average atomic mass of an element magnesium is 24.305.

It should be noted that Magnesium is a really reactive metal and does not appear in a free state in nature. It responds with a slow pace with cool water and at a very rapid pace with warm water. The oxidation procedure of magnesium is very quick and if kept in open, a layer of oxidized magnesium is made on the surface of the metal.

Magnesium also burns very quickly, when it is at room temperature. This burning procedure is very furious as it generates a blinding white light. This metal also responds with almost all the alkalies and acids, forming a number of different compounds and by products. 

Magnesium Facts for Kids

1. Magnesium is the 2nd most abundant metal in sea water. (Only sodium is more abundant.)

2. Magnesium is made in stars having a mass of eight or more Earth suns. Near the end of their lives, these stars get into the carbon burning phase, also making oxygen, sodium and neon.

3. Around thirteen% of our planetís entire mass originates from magnesium. This means thereís sufficient magnesium within Earth to produce a planet of the identical mass as Mars and have sufficient magnesium remaining to make three more objects of the identical mass as our moon.

4. Our bodies need the proper amount of magnesium in our diets for us to sleep correctly. If itís too high or too low, we can suffer from sleep disturbance.

5. There is a significantly higher proportion of magnesium under Earthís crust than in it.

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