Fun Facts about Potassium

Fun Facts about PotassiumIt comprises around 1.5% by mass of the World's crust.

Potassium was the very first elemental metal to be discovered through electrolysis.

In nature, it is only seen in ionic salts and in some minerals.

Potassium is not available in nature as a real element.

Potassium is the 2nd least dense metal following lithium.

It is produced through the electrolysis of its hydroxide or its chloride.

Argon or another suitable oil is utilized to store pure potassium, or else it will tarnish rapidly.

Potassium is a soft metal and can effortlessly by sliced.

It responds with the hydrogen in water and produces enough heat to ignite the hydrogen.

Potassium usually burns in a reaction with water.

What is Potassium Good For

It maintains your blood pressure from getting too high. Potassium does so by ridding your circulatory system of extra sodium, which leads to a healthy dilation of your blood vessels. It is also helpful in that it stops the risk of stroke, osteoperosis and helps remove kidney stones.

As far as assisting you to keep in mind things, no. At least not in the sense you are considering. Bananas are great for you before taking tests because it creates a healthy blood flow from your body, mind, helping you to be more relaxed and to think correctly.

Potassium Facts for Kids

Its salts burn with a light purple color.

Potassium responds with the oxygen in water and in air.

Because of this, one of the main industries to require potassium is the fertilizer industry.

Because it is essential for plant cells, crops quickly deplete potassium from the soil.

The K-39 isotope is regarded as the abundant of the three, making up greater than 93% of the isotopes.

Potassium has twenty-four known isotopes, however only three of them take place in nature.

Additionally it is common in the body of a human as the eighth most common element.

The word potash refers to potassium extracted from wood ash and it was utilized in early times to create soap.

A depletion of potassium from the body can result in hypokalemia, which can be fatal.

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