Interesting Facts about Wind Energy

Interesting Facts about Wind EnergyEuropean nations often utilize wind energy greater than other nations due to their positive climate conditions.

The creation of wind energy does not generate pollution.

Wind energy is not used more frequently because it is expensive to make.

Unlike other types of energy, wind energy needs virtually no water throughout production.

Albert Betz is a German physicist who found the concept of wind energy in 1919.

The best areas to utilize wind energy are prairies because they get constant wind.

Wind turbines generate electricity while wind mills generate mechanical energy.

Facts about Wind for Kids

Wind energy is an energy supply that originates from the wind. This wind is transformed into wind power and utilized as a source of electrical energy. The operation of wind energy conversion is accomplished by wind pumps, wind turbines and wind mills.


Wind turbines could be as tall as 200 meters and have blades that can move at a velocity of approximately 200 mph.

Wind turbines have the capability to be located off shore and deliver energy back to land.

Wind farms are huge groups of wind turbines.

Some nations make use of wind turbines to provide up to 20% of their electrical power needs.

The manufacturing of wind energy generates more jobs than any other type of energy production.

Germany leads all nations in the amount wind energy that is made per year.

Benefits of Wind Energy

Wind energy gives many benefits:

Clean Electricity: Widespread wind development addresses climate change by supplying a non-polluting supply of energy that displaces greenhouse gas emissions through conventional power.

Saves Money: More and more research have confirmed that wind energy will save consumers money.

A New Crop: Wind farms can aid “save the family farm” by permitting traditional land use revenues to be supplemented through new revenue streams afforded by land leasing agreements. Also, wind farms substantially broaden the tax base in rural communities.

Energy Independence: Wind generation promotes national safety by reducing our reliance on foreign and volatile sources of fossil fuels.

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Interesting Facts about Wind Energy

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