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Learn Statistics OnlineThis website gives accurate and complete coverage of the Statistics curriculum. Especially, the AP Statistics curriculum and this tutorial cover the following subjects:

Sampling and experimentation.

Exploring data.

Statistical inference.

Anticipating patterns.

The Basics of Statistics

One of the two primary branches of applied statistics is called descriptive statistics, which simply explain some numerical property of a set of data, without indication on how that data relate with our hypotheses. 

To know the basics of statistics, you will need to master about the median, the mean and the mode. The mean, the mode and the median are all types of averages. 

The Median

The Median is the center value in your list. If the totals of the list are odd, the median is the center entry in the list after sorting the list into raising order.

The Mode

The mode in a listing of numbers refers to the list of numbers that take place most often. A trick to keep in mind this one is to consider that mode begins with the same first two letters that many does.

The Mean


Four tests outcomes: 15, 18, 22, 20

The amount is: 75

Divide 75 by 4: 18.75

The Mean (Average) is 18.75

(Often rounded to 19)

Help With Statistics Problems

If you have no knowledge about statistics, Gohomeworkhelp is a right place to begin. The tutorial addresses basic concepts including the mean, populations, standard deviation and sample statistics.

This tutorial carries on where Fundamentals left off. It addresses the normal distribution in detail such as the way to find the probabilities of events making use of the normal curve.

Sampling distributions, the standard error and applying the normal distribution to create predictions can be the foundation for almost anything you do in statistics.

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