Objects in the Sky

Objects in the SkyPlanets:

Planets are objects in the sky which orbit a star, our Sun provides eight primary planets and a number of other small objects. The key planets are Venus, Mercury, Mars, Earth, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune and Uranus.

Pluto was originally regarded as the ninth planet however has now been redefined like a Minor Planet. The reason behind this was the discovery of many more Pluto such as objects orbiting the Sun beyond the orbit of Neptune. The class of Minor Planets now contains the bigger named asteroids. Observations of some close by stars have demonstrated they also have planets.


Many planets have moons orbiting them, Earth provides one natural moon, Jupiter has four large moons and about several small ones, Mars has two tiny moons, Uranus has four medium sized moons. Saturn has one large moon, 6 medium sized and many smaller ones. Pluto has one moon nearly as big as itself. Neptune has a large moon and one little one. Venus and Mercury do not have moons. 

Brightest Objects in the Sky

In order of brightness: the sun (magnitude -27), the moon (-12.9), Venus (-3.8), Jupiter (-2.94) and Mars (-2.91). The more negative the apparent magnitude, the brighter the object strange, however that's how it is.

It will not always be that easy though. For one thing, the sun is not up at night so it does not necessarily sound right to compare it to stuff that are. Another is always that the moon will get bumped around within the ranking as it goes from very bright to fairly dim on the course of a month. The brightness of a planet will differ as it moves toward or away from the earth, therefore the order of the list will modify quite a bit throughout different parts of our year and the planets years.

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