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Interesting Facts about Platinum

Scientists analyzed samples of the metal following European exploration of the region started. Platinum has been used by ancient people in Central and South America.

Cool Facts about Gold

Not many chemicals can attack gold, so that’s why it maintains it shine even when buried for 1000’s of years. When compared with other metals, gold is much softer. One can beat 1 gram of gold to a 1 square meter sheet and light would shine via that sheet.

Interesting Facts about Wind Energy

One wind turbine can power as much as 500 homes. Wind mills date all the way back to the year 2000 BC where they were utilized in China.

Interesting Facts about Fruit

Fruit is beautiful, tasty and great for all us. Fruit is also interesting. Listed here is a brief collection of interesting facts about fruit.

Facts about the Rock Cycle

Liquid rock which cools quickly after exposure to the Earth’s atmosphere are fine-grained and known as extrusive. Obsidian is an example of this kind of rock.