Online Physics Calculators

Online Physics Calculators, solve problems related to changing current electricity, capacitive inductance, inductive reactance, frequency, inductance and capacitance.

Also, solve problems related to parallel plate capacitors, capacitance, cylindrical capacitors, stored energy, area, permittivity, conductors, separation distance, diameter, length, potential difference, electrical charge, volt, gauge, coulomb, energy storage and farad. Solve problems related to velocity, centripetal acceleration, period, radius, satellites and orbits.

Online program for calculating different equations associated with constant acceleration motion. Online Physics Calculators contains solutions for final and initial velocity, acceleration, displacement distance and time. Equations could be used for one, two and three dimensional space.

Solve for almost any variable in density equation. Variables contain mass, volume and density.

Solve for static friction, kinetic friction, coefficient, normal force, maximum frictional force.

Solve problems related to mass, force and acceleration.

Solves problems related to universal gravitational constant, Newton's law of gravity, force, mass, planet mass, satellite orbit period, acceleration, satellite mean orbital radius, escape speed, critical speed, radius through Kepler's third law and planet center.

Solutions for force, spring force constant, distance from potential energy, equilibrium, spring equilibrium position and spring stretch length.

Solve any variable in the perfect or ideal gas law equation. Variables contain temperature, mole, pressure and volume.

Solve for momentum, impulse, velocity change, mass, force and time change.

Solve problems related to wire coil number of turns, inductors, coil area, coil material permeability, average coil length and inductance.

Solve computations related to kinetic energy, velocity and mass.

Solves problems related to force, moment and lever arm length.

Solve for any variable in Newton's second law of motion equation. Variables include mass, net force and acceleration.

Gravitational Force Calculator

The Gravitational Force Calculator uses scientific notation to show either small- or very large numbers.

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