What are Some Environmental Issues

What are Some Environmental IssuesA number of environmental issues now impact our whole world. As globalization carries on and the earth's natural procedures transform local issues into worldwide issues, few societies are being left untouched by main environmental issues.

Some of the largest issues now affecting the world are:

Ozone Depletion

Greenhouse Effect

Air Pollution

Air Quality


Acid Rain

Urban Run-off


Water Crisis


Marine Pollution and Acidification

Land-related Environmental Issues:

Problems arising from Land Pollution and Degradation

Problems arising from Inefficient Land Use

Other Environmental Issues:


Inefficient Use of Resources and Energy Crisis

Genetic Engineering

Non-Recyclable Waste

Population Explosion

Nuclear Development and Nanotechnology

Global Environmental Issues

Global Environmental Problems: Additionally to pollution issues, several other large scale environmental issues threaten the world's natural resources, human population and ecosystems.


Overpopulation takes place when the human carrying ability of an area is exceeded by the number of individuals living and using the resources in the region. Overpopulation sets enormous pressures on all kinds of environmental resources, such as water, food, energy, land and biodiversity.

The human populations birth rate continues to be surpassing the dying rate at an alarming rate, causing quick population progress. The Earth's current population is now greater than 6 billion.

Climate Change:

Climate is the overall or average weather pattern of a place over an extended time period. Climate is impacted by latitude (which determines the directness and amount of solar radiation that strikes a particular area), ocean currents, wind currents and topography.

The greenhouse impact is the means where the Earth stays warm and maintains heat.

Environmental Health Issues

Environmental health is that department of community health that is focused on all aspects of the natural and built environment that may impact human health. Other phrases that concern or refer to the discipline of environmental health contain environmental protection and environmental public health. The area of environmental health is closely linked to public health and environmental science like environmental health is focused on environmental factors impacting human health.

Environmental health deals with all human health connected aspects of both the built environment and the natural environment. 

Environmental health issues include:

Body art safety, such as body piercing, permanent cosmetics and tattooing.

Air quality, which includes both indoor air quality and ambient outdoor air, which also comprises issues about environmental tobacco smoke.

Disaster preparedness and response.

Climate change and its effects on health.

Food safety, such as in transportation, agriculture, wholesale, food processing and retail distribution and sale.

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