What is a Symmetry Line

What is a Symmetry LineTo create a plane symmetrical figure, consider a piece of paper and fold it in half. Cut out a shape according to the folding line. On unfolding the paper, a design is acquired. The crease with the folding line on the paper marks the line of symmetry of the design/figure obtained.

0 Lines of Symmetry:

The Parallelogram object has 0 lines of symmetry.

The scalene triangle figure has 0 lines of symmetry.

The Trapezoid objects have 0 lines of symmetry.

1 Lines of Symmetry:

The Isosceles triangle items have single lines of symmetry. Isosceles triangle provides vertical lines of symmetry.

Symmetry Elements and Operations

A symmetry operation is actually a movement of a molecule/object which leaves it in an equal configuration. Quite simply, a symmetry operation moves an object of a particular symmetry element such that the position and orientation before and after the operation tend to be indistinguishable. Because of this, every point in the item is transformed into an equal point or back to the similar point after the operation is carried out.

A symmetry element is an imaginary line, plane or point about which a symmetry operation is carried out. Note that most elements move across the center of the object

Five Kinds of Symmetry Operations:






the object



a plane




a point


Proper Rotation


a line (axis)

Improper Rotation



a line (axis



Element of Symmetry in Stereochemistry 

Element of symmetry in stereochemistry: Stereochemistry is the chemistry which deals with the different arrangement of atoms or groups in a molecule in space. Stereochemistry plays a very vital role in our day to day life. It h a s been observed that many living system s, plants and many pharmaceuticals possess or respond to only a particular type of arrangement in a molecule and are found to be stereospecific in nature, for example the double helical form of D.N.A turns in a right handed way, honey suckle winds as a left handed helix.

Only one form of sugar plays a unique role in animal metabolism and is the basis of a multimillion dollar fermentation industry. Similarly, only one isomeric form of chloromycetin acts as an antibiotic. Among amino acids, it has been found that only one form of asparagine and one leucine are sweet and only one of the glutamic acids enhances the flavor of food. Thus stereochemistry and stereospecificity becomes a very important part of our life.

Different arrangements of atoms or groups in a molecule give rise to different forms of the molecule termed as isomers. Molecules which have the same molecular formula but due to difference in their structure or arrangement of atoms or groups in space differ in their properties, physical or chemical, are called is isomers.

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