What is Carbon Dioxide Used For

What is Carbon Dioxide Used ForFreezing of food products

Carbon dioxide in gas or liquid form is employed in the food products industry for flash freezing, refrigeration and refrigeration throughout transport. In its solid form, carbon dioxide is known as carbonic acid snow or dry ice. 

Fire extinguishers

The inert properties of carbon dioxide make it perfect for use in fire extinguishers. Carbon dioxide extinguishes the fire by cooling and excluding air. 


Carbon dioxide makes water bubble and soft drinks. The gas is infused to the beverage and mixed in the fluid under high pressure. Once the beverage is opened, the pressure is released and the carbon dioxide is launched from the liquid and bubbles form.


Carbon dioxide is utilized in arthroscopic surgery, among other things. It also can be added to oxygen to stimulate the patient's inhaling. 

Photosynthesis Uses Sunlight to Convert Water and Carbon Dioxide Into

Photosynthesis is the procedure via which plants make use of water and carbon dioxide to generate their food, grow and release extra oxygen into the atmosphere.

Facts about Photosynthesis:

Photosynthesis is a process which uses sunlight to convert water and carbon dioxide into high energy oxygen and sugars. Oxygen is an important element that helps all living things on earth.

The structure of the leaf permits for oxygen and carbon dioxide to go in and leave the leaf, which is where photosynthesis actually occurs.

The water from the leaves evaporates via the stomata and filling its place, getting into the stomata from the air, is carbon dioxide. Plants require carbon dioxide to produce food.

How is Carbon Dioxide Used By Plants

Carbon dioxide is broken down via photosynthesis and reformed (with the addition of hydrogen and oxygen) to make glucose. Carbon dioxide is soaked up from the environment via the stomata positioned on the underside of the leaves.

Why do plants use carbon dioxide

They make use of carbon dioxide to create food. The basic foundations of the sugars plants make via photosynthesis that they utilize for energy and constructing materials.

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