What is Mean Median and Mode

What is Mean Median and ModeMean: Average. The amount of a set of data separated by the number of data. (Do not circular your answer unless directed to do so.)

Median: The center value or the mean of the center two values, once the data is set up in numerical order. Imagine a median being in the center of a highway.

Mode: The value (number) that seems the most. It is possible to have greater than one mode and it is possible to possess no mode. If there is no mode-write no mode, do not write zero (0).

Make use of the mean to explain the middle of a set of data that does not have an outlier.

Use the median to explain the middle of a set of data that does provide an outlier.

Use the mode once the data is non-numeric or when requested to choose the most popular product.

How to Find the Mean Median and Mode

Mean, median and mode are three types of averages. You can find many averages in statistics, however these are, the three most common.

Mean: Also referred to as the average.

The mean is found through adding up all of the given data and dividing from the number of data entries.


The grade 10 math class recently had a mathematics test and the grades were as




82  464 / 6 = 77.3



+ 74  


Therefore, 77.3 is the mean average of the class.

Median: The median is the center number. 

Initially you arrange the numbers in order from lowest to highest, then you locate the middle number by crossing off the numbers till you reach the middle.


use the above data to locate the median:

66  74  75  78  82  89\

as you can see we possess two numbers, there is no middle number.

What do we do?

It is easy; we take the two middle numbers and locate the average, (or mean).

75 + 78 = 153

153 / 2 = 76.5

Therefore, the middle number is 76.5.


this is the number that takes place most often.


find the mode of the following data:

78  56  68  92  84  76  74  56  68  66  78  72  66

65  53  61  62  78  84  61  90  87  77  62  88  81

The mode is 78.

Mean Mode Median and Range

When you get a huge set of data you can find all sorts of methods to mathematically explain the data. The word average is employed a lot. Mean, median and mode are all kinds of averages. Along with range, they help explain the data.

Mean: When people state average they often are talking about the mean. You determine the mean by adding up all of the numbers in the data after that divide by number of numbers.

Median: The median is the center number of the data set. Type of like it sounds. To find out the median you place all the numbers in order (lowest to highest or highest to lowest) and then select the middle number.

Mode: The mode is the number that seems the most.  

Range: Range is the difference between the highest number and the lowest number. Take, for instance, math test scores. Let us say your best score all 12 months was a 100 and your worst had been a 75. Then a rest of the scores does not matter for range. The range is 100-75=25. The range is 25.

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